Case Study

For over a decade we have built a partnership with Meta spanning 31 countries and hundreds of videos

With our sister company JZB Projects, People’s TV has been a go-to video partner with Meta for over ten years. From launching new products to highlighting how small businesses around the world benefit from Meta, we have made videos across a growing number of categories and have traversed the globe doing so. As Meta has evolved and grown, so has our partnership.

The Work

Our partnership with Meta has extended into campaigns across their family of apps:

Instagram Passions

Our work with Instagram showcases how the platform can be utilized for businesses and creators to inspire and expand their communities. Whether it’s travel vloggers or fashionistas, we worked closely alongside creators to craft a relatable narrative out of their work and passions. These natively produced pieces helped Instagram connect creators with brands and highlight what makes them unique.

By working with the platform itself on social media advertising our best practices have been informed by the platform’s architects.

Whatsapp Business

With WhatsApp Business, we shot short documentaries to tell the stories of small businesses around the world — from Indonesia to Germany to Brazil. As with Instagram, we developed close relationships with small business owners, highlighting the strategic and emotional importance of each of their businesses and how WhatsApp Business helped them succeed.

Whatsapp Business has allowed countless entrepreneurs to expand from a local market to a global enterprise. Our collection of short documentaries showcase how transformative the platform can be.

Facebook Gaming

Since launching in 2018, Facebook Gaming has endeavored to make a name for itself amongst gamers by providing a safe alternative to streaming platforms rife with toxicity. We’ve partnered with them since its inception and have helped raise their brand awareness by featuring some of their amazing gamers around the world. We also spearheaded targeted initiatives, such as the Women in Gaming and Disability & Inclusivity campaigns.

In the height of the pandemic, we created a remote production process which allowed us to standardize shoots with 14 different gamers from around the world — from places like Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, and Vietnam. We also spearheaded Facebook Gaming’s first TikTok campaign, conceptualizing, directing, and editing the #fbgchairspinchallenge, which has over 10 million views…and counting!”

The Results
10 Million+
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