Case Study

Since its inception in 2013, Black Lives Matter has served as the rallying cry for the fight for racial justice.

We’re incredibly proud to support the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation – in partnership with Bowers Consulting Firm – with video storytelling across all of BLM’s channels.

In our role as BLM’s one-stop-shop video agency, we’ve conceived, written, produced and delivered everything from national TV spots to Instagram livestreams.

The Work

Since 2020, we’ve worked with BLM to create:

The Finish Line

Black Lives Matter’s greatest call to action in 2020 was to get out to vote.

When Georgia’s senate seats were heading to run-off election, we took the opportunity and responsibility to help BLM inspire their core audience to return to the polls.

Led by Atlanta-based Director Chris Hamilton, we developed ‘The Finish Line’ a piece that speaks to Georgia’s singular history in the fight for racial justice, and BLM’s first ever GOTV broadcast ad.

The Survival Fund

In February of 2021, Black Lives Matter and BLM Grassroots launched the Survival Fund, a $3 million financial relief fund to help Black families struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic.

We filmed profiles of Shafonia (South Bend, IN), Kusema (Los Angeles, CA), and Deanna (Tampa, FL), three Survival Fund grantees who shared their stories and how the Survival Fund was crucial to their families and communities.

Imagining Abolition

When Patrisse Cullors began transitioning out of her role as Executive Director, BLM came to us with the following question: how can we tell the story of her leadership in a way that is true to her philosophy?

What began as a 10-minute documentary morphed into Imagining Abolition: a 3-part series of half-hour episodes featuring a slate of some of the most influential activists and abolitionists in LA. The series helps add a nuanced lens to the conversation of race in America.

The Breathe Act

Black Lives Matter has been at the forefront of the struggle for Black lives in the streets and on Capitol Hill. After the summer uprising of 2020, BLM and the Movement for Black Lives drafted a transformative piece of legislation: The BREATHE Act.

Featuring leaders from the BLM movement and hand-drawn animation, this video explores the course BLM is charting through legislation, and illustrates their vision for achieving a more just society.

Social Videos

To help broaden the BLM audience and engagement, we helped develop platform specific content from rapid response crisis communication to animated get-out-the-vote graphics our work keeps the drumbeat of important and inspirational BLM content going.

The Results
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