Featured Work

Director Cutter Hodierne is the award-winning maestro behind “Fishing Without Nets”, a gripping portrayal of Somali pirates, which first garnered the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance as a short film. Its feature film adaptation, under the banner of VICE Studios & 20th Century Fox, saw Cutter claiming Best Director at Sundance and the prestigious Roger Ebert Award for Best First Feature. Described by The New York Times as turning real crime tales into “morally murky contemplations,” His latest film, the crypto heist thriller COLD WALLET, is presented by Steven Soderbergh and follows a rag-tag team of Redditors who lose everything in a crypto ponzi scheme and plot to kidnap the ‘financial influencer’ who screwed them over. Cold Wallet premiered to rave reviews at SXSW 2024.

His expertise isn’t limited to narrative films. Cutter has shaped immersive VR experiences like NBA FINALS VR for Oculus and the BERLIN WALL VR museum exhibit. His talent has been harnessed by global brands, directing commercials for giants like Intel, Microsoft, AEG, and LiveNation. His rich, lived experiences – from cruising the South Pacific Ocean as a baby to living in Japan as a boy and making films all over the globe – give his works a depth driven by genuine curiosity and authenticity. With his unique visual language and a flair for extracting profound performances, Cutter brings cinematic perspective to all of his work. Cutter is currently working on his next film, THE SHEPHERD, a UFO-thriller set in Peru produced by Pablo Larrain’s Fabula.