The Story of Love Your Melon


Love Your Melon took us to a University. The fledgling company is committed to making hats for children with cancer. What started as a campus project by college sophomores has blossomed into a successful ecommerce business that donates half of its profits to cancer research and family support. But without us, that story would still just be a number on a page.

So how did we approach it?

First, we wanted to show that anyone can use Facebook ads – even college students with no knowledge of ecommerce. Without business acumen, they had to turn to something simple and effective that could support their growth, and Facebook ads are both. They connected LYT with the people that needed them. And we followed their story from campus to phone screen to the industrial-sized factory where they’re now producing their hats.

But even more than we wanted to showcase the business, we wanted viewers to feel the impact of its success. So we found the people that have been directly affected by it. We went inside hospitals and talked with kids who needed some love on their melon when chemo had taken their hair. We found survivors who understood the comfort of a hat in the face of unimaginable hardship. And we showed how LYT’s success would have been impossible without the ease and accessibility of Facebook ads. As the company’s founder remarks in the video’s closing moments: “We’ve donated over $1.1 million to date, thanks to Facebook.”

Because of the revenue generated by these ads, Love Your Melon has become a movement – a “symbol for hope.” And because we told their story and provided the emotional foundation to Facebook’s number, that hope now has wings.

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