Adecco: Branded Content Explored


Most of us view work as an obligation. We do it to make money to pay for the things we actually want to do. But if we’re going to spend half our lives working, we might as well enjoy it, right? Maybe we haven’t found that perfect gig, or perhaps we simply need to adjust our perception of what “work” means in the first place.

The Adecco Group is the largest staffing firm in the world. Their job is to find the right job for you. And they do it with a forward-thinking approach to the workplace, one that challenges any notion of conformity and welcomes joy to be part of the job. When they came to us, they had a rough concept for realizing that vision: show a group of work-averse kids discovering that work can be fun. We took it from there.

In about 90 seconds, we built a narrative that shows that work and play don’t have to be mutually exclusive. There can be joy in the work we do. And if a group of recess-accustomed, play-first kids can figure that out, so can everybody else.

So how did we approach it?

First we found a bunch of kids and asked them how they felt about work. They all told us the same general thing: “I think work is boring.” “I think work is bad.” Then we gave them their first jobs.

And which industry is tailor made for kids? Lemonade sales, of course. We gave them the ingredients and threw them in the deep end. Sequentially, we moved through the hardship of the early test phase—best practices for squeezing lemons, arguments over ingredient proportions, advertising strategies—to the satisfaction of occupational success. The kids tested their product, improved it, and eventually they sent it to market.

Through teamwork, the kids fixed problems on the fly and created new products when old products failed. In the simplest sense, it was a microcosm of our marketplace. And we made tangible the evolution of the kids’ views on work: “I didn’t think that it could be this fun,” said one of the once work-hating youngsters. From the kitchen to the sidewalk, we offered a snapshot of a functioning, joy-filled business.

With the help of the #LoveWhatYouDo hashtag, Adecco is reorienting our conception of work as a “bad” thing. It can be joyous, and who better to portray that joy than kids? The video we created is evidence of our potential to realize that same vision. Because when life gives you lemons, you can do more than make lemonade; add just the right amount of sugar and water and you can sell it, too.

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